Welcome to Shri R. K. Group

Shri R. K. Group is a trading company of personal care, cosmetic products and food products. We also help you in third party manufacturing. We are leading trading company & we don't compromise in product quality & quantity. We strongly believe that if customer is spending his money then he/ she should get best value for money & our products are one of those.

We believe that money is not just the prime prospective but healthy body is priceless asset. Human body is super creation of nature, which has its own doctor inside who takes care of its different problems and that doctor is the immune system of our body. This immune system acts as powerful protector of the body from harmful invaders like pathogens & toxins. Immune system can be strengthened by complete nutrition and Oxygen. But modern stressful life, irregular food habits and pollution leads to starvation for complete nutrition and pure oxygen for human being. As a result, health of common people is degrading day by day. Hence, the main aim of R.K. Group is to access the divine gifts of nature i.e. herbs to the mankind.